It’s the best time of the year! ? Embellish your Christmas tree with personalized harp ornaments this year! Here goes your name handwritten in gold by renowned local artist Travis Ying Man Hon.

Want a little more touch? Go for the 1+2 combo set which comes along with 2 more mini cutie (blank) harp ornaments!

又到我們一年?最愛的節日了!?? 今年便用寫有你名字的豎琴掛飾來裝飾聖誕樹吧!每個名字均會由本地藝術家英文瀚用金色顏料親手繪寫呢!



Order deadline 截單時間: 11:59pm Nov 18, 2020


  • (看中文版本請向下滑)

? Limited Edition Christmas Tree Harp Ornament ?

  • Preorder period: now until 11:59pm, 18th Nov 2020
  • Dispatch period: early Dec 2020

1. Harp Ornament with Personalized Calligraphy

  • Size: 12cm tall (approx.)
  • Material: Wood
  • Calligraphy colour: Gold
  • Name length limit: 10 or less letters (*please write the name(s) in the “order notes” section during check out)
  • Ribbon colour: Light Pink
    (*if you wish to have Light Blue ribbon instead, please state in the “order notes” section during check out)

2. 1+2 Combo Set: One 12cm Harp Ornament with Personalized Calligraphy + Two 8cm *plain* Harp Ornaments

(*The two 8cm mini harp ornaments will be tied with golden strings by default. If you wish to have them tied with our ribbons instead, please state in the “order notes“ section during check out)


  • All harp ornaments are handmade and there will be traces of craft and paint. Traces smaller than 5mm in diameter are considered normal.
  • The calligraphy is handwritten by the artist, every name and piece might be different according to the artist’s style and professional interpretation. Photos are for reference only.
  • Upon purchase of the harp ornaments, the customer agrees to the above terms by default. No exchange or return will be accepted due to reasons concerning craft traces and calligraphy style.



  • 預訂截單時間:2020年11月18日晚上11時59分
  • 發貨日期:2020年12月初

1. 自訂名字豎琴掛飾

  • 高度:約12厘米
  • 材料:木材
  • 西洋書法顏色:金色
  • 自訂名字字數:10個英文字母或以下 (*請於結帳時在”order notes”一欄內填上想寫的名字)
  • 掛飾絲帶顏色:粉紅色 (*預設絲帶顏色為粉紅色,如果想要粉藍色絲帶,請於結帳時在”order notes”註明)

2. 1大+2小套裝:一個12cm自訂名字豎琴掛飾 和 兩個*沒有寫上名字*的8cm豎琴掛飾 

(*兩個8cm豎琴掛飾預設縛上金線,如果想要改為縛我們的絲帶(粉紅色/粉藍色),請於結帳時在”order notes”註明)


  • 每個豎琴掛飾都是全人手手造,必定會有手工和顏料痕跡。直徑五毫米內的痕跡實屬正常。
  • 每個自訂名字都由藝術家手寫,藝術家會因應每個名字的長度和形態作專業決定來繪寫,每個作品均會不盡相同。相片僅作參考。
  • 顧客如確定購買豎琴掛飾,代表默認同意以上條款。所有因為手工痕跡或書法風格的原因,均不會安排換貨或退貨。


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