This dainty harp ornament also serves as a music box, playing the romantic “Music of the Night” from the Phantom of the Opera, or everybody’s favourite “Castle in the Sky” aka “Laputa”! Wonderful piece to add to your collection. Low in stock, act quick!

既是豎琴擺設又是音樂盒,用來點綴家居或音樂室最好不過!歌曲分別有來自經典音樂劇「歌聲魅影」的”Music of the Night”,還有百聽不厭的「天空之城」主題曲。貨量只有幾個,喜歡的要快手啊!

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?Harp Music Box?

  • Size: 25cm tall (approx.)
  • Material: Wood
  • Song: “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera or “Castle in the Sky” theme song


  • All harp music boxes are handmade and there will be traces of craft and paint. Traces smaller than 5mm in diameter are considered normal.
  • Upon purchase of the harp music box, the customer agrees to the above terms by default. No exchange or return will be accepted due to reasons concerning craft traces and calligraphy style.
  • To be dispatched in 7-10 working days after payment has been received.



  • 高度:約25厘米
  • 材料:木材
  • 音樂盒歌曲:「歌聲魅影」的Music of the Night 或「天空之城」主題曲


  • 每個豎琴音樂盒都是全人手手造,必定會有手工和顏料痕跡。直徑五毫米內的痕跡實屬正常。
  • 顧客如確定購買豎琴音樂盒,代表默認同意以上條款。所有因為手工痕跡或書法風格的原因,均不會安排換貨或退貨。
  • 收到款項後7至10個工作天寄出。


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