Looking for something fun and decorative? This mini harp has 8 playable strings you can pluck for fun.


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  • Wood: Walnut
  • Dimensions: 35cm tall
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • 8 playable strings
  • Tuning key and spare strings included

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  • Local delivery will be made by SF Express, delivery fee to be paid by customer upon arrival (到付).
  • Delivery will be made within 7-10 working days after payment has been received.

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  • International delivery will be made by Hong Kong Post. Please check with us regarding the postage fee to your city.


  • All mini harps are handmade and there will be traces of craft. Traces smaller than 3mm in diameter are considered normal.
  • All mini harps are made of natural wood, there will be wood patterns and textures on the harp bodies and soundboards. These are not faults. Wood patterns are sent out by random and not open for selection.
  • Upon purchase of the mini harps, the customer agrees to the above terms by default. The harp factory has high standards of quality control, and we also double check every mini harp before delivery. No exchange or return will be accepted due to reasons concerning craft traces and wood patterns.
  • 每個迷你豎琴都是由藝術工匠全人手手造,必定會有手工痕跡。直徑3毫米內的痕跡實屬正常。
  • 每個迷你豎琴都是用天然木材製成,在琴身和音板上必定會有天然木紋和質感,並不屬於瑕疵。木紋隨機發出,不設個別選擇。
  • 顧客如確定購買迷你豎琴,代表默認同意以上條款。琴廠在迷你豎琴出廠時有嚴密品質管制,我們在送貨之前亦會檢查琴身。所有因為手工痕跡或木紋的原因,均不會安排換貨或退貨。

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