Ms Dan Yu, World Harp Champion
“Jadie’s harp playing is musical, charming, and sensitive. She makes music with her heart.”

Ms Wing Tam, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
“On behalf of HKTDC – PEC department, I would like to take this opportunity to thank for you and your team for the excellent performance on the Standard Chartered Bank Glittering Cocktail Reception Event. The Euphonious was extremely professional and talented. Most of the guests were very impressed with your amazing performance and enjoyed the musical journey you took us on. Especially thanks to you, your support and arrangement leaded the performance run smoothly. Thank you again for your bravo performance, and we are looking forward to working with you in the future.”

Ms Letty Leung, Pacific Place Promotions
“優雅的琴音、美妙的曲韻,交織著一首首動人心弦的樂章。感謝The Euphonious為太古廣場帶來一次又一次精彩的表演。表演者能令顧客在商場內盡情購物的同時,亦享受到優雅的音樂。

Mr Chris Au, Fashion Walk Promotions
“I was an organizer of a shopping mall in HK Island and planned to have live music performances on every Friday night at the main entrance of the mall. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate for the amazing performance you did on bringing such wonderful, cheerful and relaxing music to all both visitors and shoppers. I can see your great contribution on the songs selection and coordination in details that match with the main topic of the show and the theme of the mall. It was a tremendous success and excellent praise was received.

Again, thank you for your marvelous performance. I will strongly recommend you to my entire business partners definitely.

I wish I could work with you in the coming future. Please accept my blessing and all the best wishes upon your coming success.”

Carol & Tim
“We heard a lot of good compliments about your performance. Tim and I enjoyed every song that you played! You have brightened up our wedding and made it more memorable and magical than we could ever imagine! All our friends are already asking about your contact information. Good job thank you!”

Fiona & Steve
“Hello Jadie, thank you and your team for your professional performance at our wedding! The music was lovely and our guests enjoyed it a lot! My parents loved the harp performance said it made our special occasion more special and the harp was very elegant and coherent with the atmosphere. Basically I had a lot of praises and good feedback of your performance and no regrets for requesting you all to perform. Thanks for being patient with me throughout my planning process, I hope I didn’t give you too much trouble! Thanks again!”

Chloe & Alex
“謝謝你為我彈奏豎琴!有你幫我真係好放心, 完全唔擔心live music!Thank you for your help!”

Prima & Sammy

Stacie & Ryan
“真心好欣賞你!好鍾意你!You are so talented! I’m so happy to have you on my wedding day!”

Vivian & Kevin
“I couldn’t be more blessed to have Jadie perform at my wedding. Not only because of her exquisite performance that has kept the ceremony warm, romantic and elegant, Jadie has been a sweet, helping hand from the very start of the wedding prep- Always there to help (and send reminders for absent-minded brides like me) on the music choices, run down arrangements, sound systems and travel logistics that I can assure all brides to be trouble-free once Jadie is onboard! Hope your music will be ‘Here, There, and Everywhere’! Thank you for making my wedding more beautiful x”

Gloriana & Parky
“Jadie, Thanks for your performance. You kept my wedding sweet and warm! You are gorgeous. My guests were totally in love with the songs. Well done!”

Hermina & David
“We are truly impressed by the professionalism displayed by Jadie in her harp performance not only on our special day but also throughout the preparation process. At first, we were worried that the venue may not accommodate the harp next to the stage, Jadie did not only check the floor plan to see the feasibility but also performed a site visit. It follow that she gave us advice on the choice of songs and the run-down. She also made arrangement with the staff at the banquet venue for the set-up and so on. These saved us a lot of hassle. On the day, everything went well as planned and we needed not to worry at all. Of course her experiences in wedding performances help a lot.

Needless to say Jadie is a skilled player, she maintained the same high standard, if not better, at the time she did live performance. As we had the wedding ceremony right before the banquet, her music helped to create the solemn and touching atmosphere, it was more than romantic with Jadie playing live music at the time of march in. At the time we marched out, it turned into a sweet and lively mood when with her playing a different song. Her music engaged every guest to be part of the ceremony and everyone enjoyed so much.

Thank you so much Jadie for your elegant music accompaniment at our wedding. It was just amazing!”

Rendy & Alan
“Thank you so much for playing such beautiful harp music on our wedding night! You added such romantic and touching atmosphere with your joyful sound and gave us and our guests wonderful memories to take home on a delightful Mid-Autumn Festival. Thanks also for coordinating with Jockey Club’s staff. You looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous too – thank you for dressing up for us. We couldn’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us, truly truly grateful.”

Queenie & Kevin
“Jadie, you have our whole-hearted thanks for your excellent and skillful performance in our wedding even within short notice. We indulged ourselves in the beautiful music. The “Water Music” by the waterfall was simply gorgeous! It was so fresh and was the most moving tune we have ever heard.”

Miranda & Ronald
“Thx so much Jadie! All the guests have praised so much about the 2 pretty girls playing beautiful music for us!!! It was really lovely and you guys have truly created a romantic backdrop and music for us! Thx again!!!!!!”

Anna & Tong
“I must thank Jadie for making my ceremony romantic and perfect. I had no idea which wedding song could have matched my day. She gave me useful advice on the march in and march out music. She even recorded a video clip for me to practice the march in pace at home. I was really touched!

Honestly speaking I had never thought of having harp music for my wedding. But after listening to Jadie’s songs I believe she could make a difference, and she did!”

Jubby & Tim
“Your musical notes of symphony are still lingering in our soul though it’s been two months since our wedding. Thanks for your wondrous performance – that also made my imperfect violin play an unforgettable one. Heartfelt thanks, Jadie!”

Kennie & Fat
“I would like to thank Jadie on her great performance on our special day. The ceremony wouldn’t be that memorable without her.

We are impressed by her fruitful experience in wedding performance, thanks for giving us lots of advice, from song selection, run-down to small details on audio arrangement, etc. She cares about every single detail, even color of her wardrobe and how it’s going to match with our venue setting. She really helps in easing the workload of us.

Thank you Jadie.”

Karmen & Martin

我們更欣賞的是Jadie的細心及專業。她事前多次主動跟我們聯絡,以了解我們音樂的喜好、婚禮主題顏色、場地細節等,務求事事做到最好。婚禮當天,她還穿上我們主題顏色的禮服呢! Jadie提供的不只是豎琴表演,她的細心及專業亦令我們印象深刻。我們誠意向所有準新人作出推介。”