Enchant your wedding and every joyous moment with elegant harp music!

We are glad to have worked with the best clients and at the finest venues in town, which include:

Wonderful music and ambience are just the basics. Good gig musicians also have thorough communication with clients prior to an event, and they think on their feet when emergencies happen. Performing since 2004, played at over 100 weddings and events, we are confident enough to handle any situation.

Common instrument selections include: harp solo/ harp & violin duet/ harp, violin & cello trio – depending on the venue size and the mood & style you want. However we are not limited to the above combinations – please feel free to suggest new performance ideas!

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Through learning, practicing, and improving, we not only know more about music, we also know more about our true potentials.

Since a child, Jadie was evaluated as gifted with high IQ. She was admitted to the Psychology Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong at 17 through the Early Admission Scheme, concentrating in Children Psychology. Jadie then graduated with a master degree in Music (MA in Music) and she also holds with distinction an Associate Diploma (ATCL) in Harp Recital awarded by the Trinity College London. She has also completed professional teacher training programmes with renowned harpists Catherine Michel (France) and Judy Loman (US).

Jadie studies the harp with Ms Dan Yu, and has won the 1 st Prize of the 2023 Salzburg International Music Competition (Strings Division), the 1 st Prize of the 2023 Barcelona International Music Competition (Strings Division), the 1st Prize of the 2017 New York Golden Classical Music Awards (Strings Division), the 1st Prize of the 2014 French International Harp Competition (Superieur Division), and the Gold Medal of the 2010 Hong Kong Harp Competition (Open Division). She has given solo performances at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, New York, and the Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona.

Jadie has had master classes with famous harpists over the world, including: Ms Susann McDonald (USA), Ms Marie-Pierre Langlamet (France), Ms Isabelle Moretti (France), Mr Emmanuel Ceysson (France), Mr Sasha Boldachev (Russia), Ms Elizabeth Hainen (USA), Ms Alice Giles (Australia), Ms Catrin Finch (UK), Ms Isabelle Perrin (France), Ms Jana Bouskova (Czech), Ms Melanie Laurent (France), Mr Remy van Kesteren (The Netherlands), Mr Joel von Lerber (Germany), Ms Natalia Shameyeva (Russia), Mr Mario Falcao (USA), Ms Katryna Tan (Singapore), Ms Jie Zhou (China) and Mr Jason Chang (China). Apart from giving private lessons, she is also a teacher at renowned music schools such as the Hong Kong Harp Chamber.

Private harp lessons at Jordan or Kowloon Tong. Please email theuphonious@gmail.com for details.


透過不斷學習、練琴、進步,我們不僅學到了音樂,更認識到自己的潛能。 卓康玉 Jadie 自小被評為資優兒童,17 歲時通過拔尖計劃入讀香港中文大學心理系,專修 兒童心理學。Jadie 為香港中文大學音樂文學碩士,以特優成績考獲由倫敦聖三一學院頒發 的豎琴演奏級音樂文憑,並完成了由著名豎琴家 Catherine Michel(法國)及 Judy Loman(美 國)等教授的專業豎琴教師課程。

Jadie 師承于丹老師習琴,先後奪得 2023 年巴塞隆納國際音樂比賽(弦樂組)冠軍、2023 年薩爾斯堡國際音樂比賽(弦樂組)冠軍、2017 年紐約 Golden Classical Music Awards (弦樂組)冠軍、2014 年法國國際豎琴比賽(高級組)冠軍、及 2010 年香港國際豎琴比 賽(公開組)金獎,更年曾獲邀到世界知名的紐約卡內基演奏廳及巴塞隆納加泰隆尼亞音 樂宮作獨奏演出。

Jadie 曾跟不少蜚聲國際的豎琴家上大師課進修,包括:豎琴泰斗 Ms Susann McDonald (美 國)、Ms Marie-Pierre Langlamet (法國) 、Ms Isabelle Moretti (法國) 、Mr Emmanuel Ceysson (法國)、Mr Sasha Boldachev (俄羅斯) 、Ms Elizabeth Hainen (美國)、Ms Alice Giles (澳洲) 、Ms Catrin Finch (英國)、Ms Isabelle Perrin (法國)、Ms Jana Bouskova (捷 克)、Ms Melanie Laurent (法國), Mr Remy van Kesteren (荷蘭), Mr Joel von Lerber (德國), Ms Natalia Shameyeva (俄羅斯)、Mr Mario Falcao (美國)、Ms Katryna Tan (新加坡)、Ms Jie Zhou (中國)與 Mr Jason Chang (中國),獲益良多。Jadie 除私人授課外,亦於香港豎 琴堡等著名音樂學校任教。

在佐敦及九龍塘設私人教授豎琴課,詳情請電郵至 theuphonious@gmail.com 。